Colorado the New California?

August 29, 2017


As a 5th Generation Coloradan I’m torn…  I love my State, I love my occupation helping folks buy an sell homes, however I’m frustrated by the masses of people moving here from everywhere.  Maybe this is the sea change we all knew one day would come.  Those of us who grew up here wouldn’t want to live anywhere else and now the secret is out.  The question I pose to anyone listening is how do we cope?  With all the high rise apartments and office buildings popping up along the highway corridors, the views we’ve come to know and love are disappearing.  Traffic is everywhere, all the time.  Open spaces are disappearing. Water resources are being rationed.  Getting outdoors is like taking a number at the DMV.  To find an camp site without reserving it 6 months in advance is next to impossible.  Going “up the hill” to ski becomes an all day adventure and that’s just getting to or fro.  As for home prices, values are some of the highest in the Nation and growing at 10-15% every day. Is this the New-California?  Rest assured I will be doing what I can to be pro-active in protecting what we can and helping shape the future of our state with our state in mind – From protecting our night time sky from excessive light pollution, to being a voice to minimize the impact growth has on the land.  If you have questions or comments I would love to hear from you.